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Welcome to Crann Tara Miniatures


Welcome to Crann Tara Miniatures, this is a range of 1/56 scale figures (approximately 30mm in height) sculpted by Richard Ansell.  We aim to make this the most comprehensive range of figures for the '45 rebellion.  This year should bring the Rebellion range of figures almost to an end.

I have decided to focus on the period in the mid-1740's and therefore releases for the French, British, Savoia and Spain ( The Savoia, Spanish and some of the French are sculpte by John Dougan) are also appearing and there will be a few surprises along the way.

Cast in white metal by Griffin moulds these figures are some of the finest sculpted and cast. They are fully compatable with Fife and Drum miniatures and Minden Miniatures both of which are available from Jim Purky in America.

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Now listed are the Austrian Artillery and equipment, Prussian and Austrian train riders, the mighty Prussian Brummer.

There is also the Savoia artillery crew and the start of the Savoia cavalry with a trooper.

In addition there are the French Garde cavalry which are also capable of being used as Gendarmes and a British Dragoon horse holder and horses - the Garde Cavalry, and Horse holder are all conversions I have carried out so I hope you like them.

Photos coming shortly


Griffin moulds have informed me the Hessians are due in the next 10 days. Therefore from the 16th to the 27th May I am offering a 10% discount on all orders placed for the Hessians. Just enter the coupon code Hessians16.

These figures are also suitable for the '45 rebellion and because they are sculpted in gaiters they are also suitable for Early Prussians etc. All the figures will belisted  in the shop for the 16th









I thought it was also time to post a couple more customers photos first up is the 21st Foot painted by Steve Allen - these have the fusilier heads which I have had cast up. If anyone would like some to convert their figures then e.mail me.

then we have Swiss foot for the army of Savoia painted by Dave Jarvis from the collection of John Dougan


First and foremost a belated Happy New Year.

I have just added to the shop today the new Government Flags from Flags of War- Iain has done a cracking job and Im pleased with these. Hopefully more in time for Salute.

I shall get the individual photos uploaded soon.

On facebook and the blog there's some photos of the new French and Highland Officer, some are conversions and some are Richard's sculpts The French are going to Griffin this week for production moulds - the Highland Officer I will list as I have a small stock, depending on feedback etc he may make it to production.

Next month I shall be getting the French Garde Cavalry and the British Scots Greys/Horse Grenadier into production. Mid February expect to see an announcement re Salute and the deals on orders placed for collection.


In the mean time here's a couple of pics 36th Foot painted by Mark Allen and the firing line.















A picture of some nicely painted Jacobites by Philip Hatton - thanks


A photo of Savoia troops painted by Harold Batten


Savoia Regiment and Garde Lorraine -


First up the Royal Ecosse


Royal Ecosse


Finally the Savoia Infantry painted by John Dougan





I'm aware that postage costs quite often restrict what people can order, therefore with immediate effect all orders over £100 will attract free postage.- That's free postage to any where in the world. Everything should be set up to allow this any problems let me know.


Below is a picture of the Marshall Saxe in his coach - a brilliant piece


(painted by Dave Jarvis)












If you have any comments or questions about the range please dont hesitate to get in touch

The phrase Crann Tara is Gaelic for 'Firey Cross', the symbol used to call Clan members to war.

Thankyou for your support

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